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Check In/Out
We welcome you on site any time after 12pm. Should your site not be ready upon arrival, you are welcome to park in the overflow parking area and enjoy your day at the campground. Check out time is 11:00 am. Please see us if you would like to extend your stay. (Subject to availability)  Speed limit is 10 KM maximum.


Please Note our Gate is only open from 9am-9pm for Transient Campers.  However you can put a Deposit on a gate access card during your visit for $40.00 cash only and upon departure when you return the card you will be given the $40.00 deposit back.



  1. Site Cleanliness
    Please leave your site as you found it. We work hard to ensure your site is clean prior to your arrival, we ask you do the same for the next patrons. A minimum $25.00 fee will be applied to the credit card on file for sites left in disarray.


  2. Garbage
    There are two Garbage/Recycle sheds for your convenience. One located up near the Blue Rec Hall/Store and one on Foxtrot Lane please do not mix the recyclables. You are to remove all garbage from your site upon checkout. Please do not place campsite garbage in the washroom, Rec. Hall or outdoor receptacles (besides the sheds) – it attracts critters.


  3. Campfires
    Each campsite includes a fire pit and picnic table, which are to remain on the site. Fire pits are not to be relocated on the site (a minimum $25.00 clean up fee applies). Campfires must be low by 11:00 pm. For the safety of all, please extinguish your fire completely before leaving your site or retiring for the night. Do not burn garbage in your fire pit.


  4. Fire Wood :   DO NOT BRING FIREWOOD INTO THE PARK There is a order from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency not to move firewood, fines are up to $50,000.00 for transporting infected wood.  Dry fire wood is for sale at the store. Cutting, defacing or nailing/screwing into a tree at the park is prohibited. Please keep our trees healthy. 

  5. Pets
    We welcome your family pet, however we must insist that they are kept on a leash at all times. Pets are not permitted on the Sandy Beach, playground or washrooms. There is a Dog Beach to the right of the Sandy Beach. Please discuss service animal access with management. Owners are responsible for cleaning up after their pet (waste bags are available at the store) and are asked to keep barking, etc. to a minimum.


  6. Children
    Children are the responsibility of their adults. Please ensure children are properly supervised at all times, especially around fires, cooking stoves, the playground and the Lake. (NO LIFEGUARD)  Playground is Open from dusk till dawn. Everyone must vacate the playground once street lights/ post lights come on.


  7. Beach
    Swimming is at your own risk! NO LIFEGUARD ON DUTY Children under 12 must be supervised by an adult no younger than 16 years. Patrons must strictly follow the posted rules. Safety equipment is for Emergency Use Only. No rough play in the water or on any Inflatable water toy (trampoline, NO Jumping off of slide, etc.) All water structures are designed for children under 16 years of age. Beach is off limits at dusk.


  8. Site Occupancy
    The sites are designed for 4 people with one sleeping structure (Trailer) or two tents and one dining structure; additional fees apply to additional people/tents. Daily visitors must register and Pay vistor's fee at the Campground Office and must leave the campground by 11:00 pm. All guests on site after that time will be charged an overnight fee. Do not wash dishes, clothing, pets or other equipment in the washrooms.


  9. Smoking
    For the enjoyment of all, please be conscious of where you smoke. No smoking in any buildings. Recreational Cannabis is NOT Permitted on Lucky Loon Family Campground Property  Please ensure your butts find a garbage can, not a fire pit.


  10. Campground Etiquette
    We are a family campground. Noisy parties, profane language and unruly guests will not be tolerated. Please consider using plastic containers/cups and/or cans. All caps must be placed in the garbage, not in your campfire or on your site. Fireworks and torches are not permitted. Quiet time is from 11:00 pm to 9:00 am. 



  1. Refunds, will not be issued for inclement weather or Conditions beyond our control. Deposits are NOT refundable.

  2. Maintenance
    Should you note something that requires our attention please see us at the Office. We are dedicated to making your stay as safe and enjoyable as possible.


  3. We do not assume liability for loss or damage due to fire, theft, vandalism, accident or otherwise to the trailer or car or their contents, beyond our control.

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