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From the Owner


Hello and welcome to Lucky Loon's website.  Thank you for taking the time to give us consideration for your summer stay.

My vision for the park… 

To create a peaceful oasis, a relaxed retreat for those families who choose to spend their summer here. Our movement to this preferred state has involved a certain amount of change and I am happy to say that most changes have been accepted positively by the majority of our campers.  It is our aim to manage our park for the delight and satisfaction of everyone.

Why I bought a seasonal campground...

When I bought the park in the spring of 2023, I was excited to combine my passions for hard work, meeting people and serving them into one place. Owning a seasonal business also gives me time during the off-season to pursue my other passions, but that is another topic!

Snippet of history and my passion….

For the past many years I have enjoyed transforming houses and between projects, traveling around the world to visit less fortunate areas to help restore homes that were devastated from either natural disasters (i.e. hurricanes/floods) and or simply impoverished and without the resources or skills to do the work themselves. As mentioned, owning the park perfectly complements this passion as it gives me time during the off-season to do more.  One of the many amazing benefits of these trips is being able to see the far less fortunate be put back in their homes, sometimes after months of being displaced from them.  Seeing young children have smiles on their faces while working on their homes is so rewarding as they get to see that people in the world care, I care. Myself and sometimes small teams have visited places such as Ukraine, Ethiopia, Haiti, Puerto Ricco and Texas to name a few. In fact, when you visit the park you will meet my dog, a borderdoodle, Houston, named him after one of the places I had the joy of serving a few times after the 2017 Hurricane Harvey; Houston Texas.

Fair but Firm…

All campgrounds in Ontario, both public and private, have rules and operating guidelines for the benefit of everyone, to aid in providing the maximum enjoyment for all. In addition, we also adhere to the “License of Occupation” as used by other similar parks, part of our “Camping in Ontario” membership.  I hope to exhibit a fair-but-firm approach to owning and managing the park.  I believe that a fair-but-firm application of the rules and operating guidelines will make for the best experience for everyone.

Temporary Disruption…

We believe that if some individuals make things uncomfortable for other campers by ignoring rules that most campers take no issue with, then this park may not be the place for them. There has been evidence of this as some have chosen to leave.  Others have been asked to leave. This has resulted in some temporary “noise”. 

The flipside to all this is that we will shortly be welcoming and embracing new campers and their families into our midst. 

Many of the changes we have made in the park have been met with positive response by our campers as they see the direction the park is heading.


Some of the improvements we have already done to the park include the following...

  • Large dog park in amongst the trees

  • New centralized stage for events

  • 4 new horseshoe pits, pins and shoes 

  • Upgraded trailer sites with even more greenspace

  • New and improved store

  • Enlarged beach area

  • Removal of dead ash trees and stumps

  • New community garden - built with the removed ash trees

  • New staircase to some dock slips

  • Park-wide improved internet 

  • The addition of a small gym

  • Security cameras for enhanced comfort

  • Additional cleaning staff

  • Addition of an ice cream hut


I personally want to invite you to come see for yourself why this park could be your park of choice!  Bring your questions and I will be happy to answer them and take you on a personal tour of the park as we seek to find THE perfect site for you and your loved ones to enjoy!


Wishing you all the best!


What follows is a review of the primary items that have recently attracted the most attention and drawn negative comments. I provide a couple of my own comments. While it is sometimes implied otherwise, there is nothing new with these items other than some existing rules were not previously well enforced. 

Quiet Time: 11:00PM 

Being considerate of all others in the campground is key to the comfort and enjoyment of everyone. Regarding music and noise in general, I believe most would agree that a respectful volume is a consideration to be made at all times of the day.  

Regarding Quiet Time, this rule simply means: Enjoy your fire at your site all night if you wish, but we ask that after 11pm for the courtesy of others, the volume of gatherings (voices, music, etc.) around the fire be kept low enough so as to not disturb surrounding sites.

Consumption of Alcohol

It is always a personal choice to partake or abstain from alcohol (and all other stimulants of choice.)  As a community standard, it is well understood and generally accepted that consumption be moderate, undertaken responsibly at all times and by everyone, whether at home or away. (Provincial campgrounds actually restrict consumption to your site.)


As such, it is surprising that there have been instances of “drinking and driving” observed in the park. I believe everyone will agree that operating cars, golf carts, motor boats, etc., while under the influence is not an acceptable practise in our park. 


For these and other clarifications, please refer to our Campground Rules and guidelines found here

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